Dr. Simone is a highly skilled acupuncturist with a gentle touch. I visited her to address the wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes, and was very satisfied with the results from ten treatments. After dismissing Botox and looking into alternative solutions for wrinkles, I found cosmetic acupuncture to be the safest, most natural way to diminish the bothersome fine lines on my face. Without sharing my new skin secret, family and friends started to comment on how beautiful and healthy my skin looked. As a trained acupuncturist, Dr. Simone works on balancing the whole body to achieve glowing skin. This is not a ‘quick fix’ procedure but rather a lifestyle change that has the added benefit of looking and feeling beautiful. I continue to see Dr. Simone regularly and value her services very much.

Jamie H.

Romy's results are truly significant. Within a week of her facial acupuncture sessions, people spontaneously started telling me how great my skin looked, how well I looked...and I felt more vitality and less stressed out, too. She was also amazing after I had serious injuries from a fall: her treatments enabled me to handle pain without taking strong prescription medications that would have prevented my driving or working.

Erin M.

I've always struggled with my skin and have tried almost everything that's available to improve it! I've never had acupuncture and wasn't sure if a few little needles would make any improvement. But, Dr. Romy Simone came with some good recommendations. So, I checked out her website, liked what I saw, and figured I'd give it a shot. First off, let me say that Dr. Romy Simone looks so cute and fresh and has such great energy(she barely looks like she's old enough to be a doctor). But, you immediately want to try whatever she's been doing because it's obviously working!! She is a walking billboard of her results! Dr. Romy is so cool and easygoing that you don't feel like you're even at a doctor's visit and barely notice all the needles that she's painlessly placing all over your face. I ended up doing a series of 10 treatments over 3 weeks and was really surprised by the improvement in texture and health of my skin. It was finally clearing up and feeling like normal skin and my pores no longer seemed like the angry monsters that they've been forever!! Also, my face seemed lifted and tighter and firmer! My skin seems to really be responding to the increased stimulation and is coming back to life after years of stagnation! I'm really happy with the results I've gotten so far and plan to continue seeing Dr. Romy! I just did a photo shoot over the weekend for the 1st time in years. I was brave enough to take new headshots and my pictures came out great!! I definitely recommend Dr. Romy Simone. You will be surprised and pleased by the before and after pictures she takes for you!!

Lorielle N.

After only 3 treatments with Romy my husband asked me what I was doing that was making me look so much younger, this was make up free at 8am! A few more treatments later and I’m happy to say that I’m no longer considering fillers for my under eyes and the bands on my neck have noticeably reduced. All my girlfriends have commented that I look great and that I'm “glowing” but best of all, my husband keeps exclaiming that he can’t believe how much I’ve turned back the clock and how pretty I look! I’m 38 years old and I found Romy because I wanted something natural, I’ve tried botox, peels and IPL and considered fillers but the possible side effects and the toxic aspects of these treatments made me decide to search for a more holistic approach. Romy has been heaven sent. She has calm and sweet energy and the treatments are extremely relaxing, the needles are painless and she even addresses (with the acupuncture) other issues of stress, health, energy etc. Honestly I came to her with an open mind but not huge expectations given that the process is so natural and non invasive but the results have been amazing and its all my own body building real collagen and glowing from the inside out! Romy is always a great hang with good advice or just great quiet energy depending on your mood. She's an inspiration for healthy and beautiful living. I look forward to the treatments and I look and feel great afterwards (there is zero downtime as the tiny needles leave no marks and actually you are immediately glowing and look great after a treatment).
I’m definitely a client for life. I plan to come monthly for “facials/maintenance” because the results are so great and I'm so happy I found a healthy way to look young and fresh!

Jessica M.

I cannot truly describe how completely amazing this method of acupuncture is. I wanted an alternative to Botox... something natural. I absolutely wanted to get rid of my fine lines but wasn't incredibly interested in injecting myself with poisons. I wasn't 100% sold that acupuncture could work in this form, but it really does!!! After one treatment I could already notice a difference! The experience with Romy is more than just getting rid of your wrinkles. It's a transformation in a way. Something about her helps more than just your outward appearance. She has the ability to help you heal your intrinsic you. That is what makes her unique and stand out from all the rest. Beyond that, my fine lines have dramatically faded away. I am tremendously pleased with the results.

Liz S.

Romy is a true healer whose work is exceptional. Few complimentary practitioners combine their training and expertise with such a high level of intuitive knowledge. I felt complete confidence in her ability from the moment we met and she was able to greatly accelerate my post surgery wound healing. In addition Romy's nutritional and homeopathic recommendations were very helpful and individualized to my specific issues. Any treatment or healing process naturally benefits from a relational component and it would be impossible not to feel cared for by Romy, whose integrity in service to her clients well being is unquestionable.

Terry M.

Actually Romy there was so much that you covered during my intense makeover 🙂 The major overall experience was fantastic...I felt that you treated the mind, equipping me with coping skills, which helped enormously in eliminating stress, the body in eliminating hot flushes, nausea, and bloating, then of course the face. There was an overall improvement in elasticity of the skin, especially around the jawline, and eyes. The facial skin looks so much fresher, my lip, which had imbalance in the shape is now perfectly balanced. Thank you so much Romy. You are truly one of a kind.

Lavinia H.

This has been an incredible treatment since Day 1. I've had a complete turn around with my skin-from my acne going away, pores shrinking, pigmentation getting better, wrinkles becoming less visible, with the overall glow on my skin is what I'm truly amazed with. I began to see the natural glow on my skin after the first treatment. Best part is that with my mom and husband noticed it as well immediately once they saw me that same afternoon. As the days have passed and I have continued with the treatments, I've had friends and family notice the change on my skin and have gone as far as to ask if I had laser skin resurfacing, or trying to figure out what new make-up I had bought. It really has been a complete turn around. The treatment wasn't painful, had time to relax, time to myself and that to me was beyond what I expected. Overall, I feel amazing, look amazing, and now feel confident enough to walk out of my house with no make-up and feel great. Something I haven't done in over 15-16 years!

Jordana G.

Dr. Romy Simone is the best!  I initially sought her out because I thought my skin was looking tired and dull, and traditional facials were not giving me the results I was wanting.  I like the idea of cosmetic acupuncture because it doesn’t involve injecting chemicals into my face but has the potential of similar results.  At first meeting with Romy, I immediately felt comfortable.  The thought of having needles stuck in your face can be a little disturbing, but Romy is very gentle.  By the second treatment, my face/skin loved the needles and practically sucked them in.  Romy not only works on your skin with needles, she works with you.  Romy’s philosophy is that overall well-being will be reflected in the skin.  Beauty is not just skin deep.  Take care of your soul and you will see it in your face.  I trust Romy so much that I am able to discuss anything with her.  She’s helped me work through personal issues that I didn’t think I’d be able to tackle.  My appointments with Romy have become a haven where I feel safe and can take the time to be introspective.  I always leave feeling rejuvenated, uplifted and strong and you can see it in my skin.  Immediately after treatment with Romy,  I look rested, smooth and glowing.    If I go out, even if just to the hardware store, after a treatment with Romy, someone always comments on my skin, my glow.  I’m really pleased with the physical results, my skin is tighter and smoother.  But for me, the most surprising and valuable result is the impact Romy has had on my emotional well-being.  Thank you Romy! 

Helen K.

I originally went to see Romy because I was concerned with collagen loss and wanted to do something more natural to help restore that. I am in my early 30's and over the past few years, I have noticed a lot of changes in my skin. I wanted to get back that plumpness in my cheeks and smile line area that seemed to be fading a little. It's something you definitely have to be fully committed to. After my series of recommended sessions was completed, I was very happy with the results. My skin looked a little healthier and I felt the strength and shape coming back to my face that I wanted. I plan to continue to see Romy to work on other areas I am concerned with. Aside from all of this, Romy helped improve the condition of another ailment I was having and I wasn't even expecting that! When you meet her, you will see that she has amazing, beautiful skin herself and is extremely knowledgeable in what she does. She has definitely gone above and beyond in everything that she does and she has this energy about her that makes you feel like you're talking to a friend and not just a doctor. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is thinking about having this type of treatment done.

Mimi M.

I recently got a treatment from Romy since I was attending a VIP event. I wanted to look my best and feel confident among guests. She and I discussed and agreed upon the 'Glow' treatment which was a new treatment she suggested that would be ideal for this type of situation.
I went to my event and looked refreshed, my make-up stayed on better than most days and I found myself catching sexy stares here and there. I was even hit on a couple of times. Funny enough, I had not done anything different - same face wash, toner and moisturizer... and same make-up.
3 days after the event was over, I was in the employee break room and a co-worker from the finance department approached me and said, 'you look dewy!' I was like, what? she repeated herself and said, "did you do something? your skin looks dewy!"
I was taken aback by her comment...and of course, I didn't quite make the connection at first, but then it hit me.."oh wow! it's been almost a week since I've seen Romy, and it's the first treatment I've received in years... and this person is commenting on it?' That's pretty awesome.
I felt pretty tickled inside...

L. Bach

While researching natural facial treatments, I was quite fortunate to come across Romy’s website. Nearing 60, with no history of Botox, fillers or surgery, I was looking for a non-invasive, safe and natural way to continue to enjoy the best skin for my age…at any age. Although my expectations about the outcome of cosmetic acupuncture were reasonable, what I didn’t realize was that I was going to come away from the treatments with so much more.
Romy was candid and honest about her expectations of reducing the fine lines in the corners of my eyes as well as my medium depth frown lines. In addition to nourishing my skin and working on de-stressing my body, Romy helped to guide me through a particularly stressful time that coincidentally occurred during the series of ten treatments. At the end of the treatments, my crow’s feet have almost disappeared, lip lines and frown lines are slightly more shallow, my face has a natural glow and my eyes are open wider than before (both literally and figuratively!)
Radiating beauty from the inside out, Romy is warm and easy going. While she does not suggest or force you to change or alter who you are, she actually listens and speaks from her heart with a caring, wise and personal approach. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have met Romy and look forward to returning regularly for maintenance.

Wendy B.

I'm so glad that I did some research and found Romy-she is fantastic. She's extremely knowledgeable in her field and I trust her completely. We've had great conversations and I've learned a lot from her. Not only does she work with you cosmetically, but also if you have any medical issues she'll work on ridding those as well. In regards to the cosmetic acupuncture that she performs, the difference is truly amazing. I can definitely see the difference and it's so natural. I tried the injections a couple of times and didn't love the idea of doing them or liked the way it looked--Romy's treatment is 1000 times better. As a matter of fact, the PA in my dermatologist's office told me I look fantastic and 10 years younger! I also found my treatments to be therapeutic. Each week I look forward to my escape. I left totally relaxed and free from stress. Romy works with you to help you get to that place. There are 10 weeks of treatments (1 free if you buy a package of 10) and the follow up will be every 6 months to a year. Since I just finished my treatments, I'm not sure when exactly I'll need the follow up yet. In the meantime, I'm truly, truly happy!

Kim D.

Acupuncture treatment with Romy has by far been one of the best things I have experienced! I have always been intrigued by acupuncture and never realized the amazing effects it can have on your skin until I came across Romy’s website. Immediately impressed with her experience and credentials, I called to inquire about a consultation and was so pleasantly surprised that Romy herself called me back and was so kind and patient with all of my questions. During my consultation, she spent a great deal of time discussing my skin concerns as well as my overall wellness goals and I instantly felt comfortable with her and the tranquil/calming office. Her unique approach and warm demeanor were so singular and I knew I had taken the first step to not only potentially improve my outer appearance, but also my general state of well-being.
My sessions over a ten-week period flew by and each treatment was honestly extraordinary. I just turned 31 and felt as though my face constantly looked tired and dull, especially after long hours in the office. After my first session, I immediately noticed a dewy glow over my skin and my face constantly improved and became tighter and smoother moving forward. I have always wanted a natural and comprehensive approach to looking great and she is the epitome of this concept. Romy’s method of needling is absolutely painless and I truly felt like she was so engaged and present during each of my sessions. She always remembered details from our previous conversations and took the extra time to e-mail me recommendations regarding products and reading material.
In addition to the cosmetic aspect of treatment, Romy was able to understand my overarching goals of feeling more connected with my mind and body and she slowly worked with me to provide the right tools for this process. It is such a pleasure to articulate how truly remarkable my experience has been – I just finished my sessions and without a doubt would like to continue seeing Romy to maintain the positive momentum. I not only feel much more confident about my appearance, but I have also gained a different perspective on so many things throughout our many valuable conversations.
I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to engage in such a unique process that makes me feel and look great at the same time! Romy is absolutely wonderful and the amount of care and positive energy she practices in just one session is unparalleled.

Mel S.

Working with Romy was the best decision I have ever made. My skin is clearer and brighter then it has been in many years. The benefits of the treatment I have received from Romy go beyond just improving the appearance of my skin. I literally feel better all over!! I have received many comments from friends and family that I look really good, but they just can’t seem to pin point what it is. As a mother of three college aged kids, I am now entering my new mid-life career with a new found confidence. Thank you Romy!

Valerie G.

I just completed 10 treatments with Romy and I'm so pleased with how my skin looks. My skin tone has evened out, its less dry and dark circles have improved. I feel like I can go out with just a bit of sun block and no makeup and not feel self conscience. Overall it was definitely worth the time and money.

Heather A.

I am so thankful I found Romy, she is truly amazing! I just finished my eighth session with her and I couldn't feel better. I never felt truly comfortable going out without makeup, I was always having breakout, and my menstrual cycle was irregular. Ever since I started getting acupuncture with Romy I have started getting less breakouts, my face feels like it's glowing, and I got my periods again! Not only does she do acupuncture but she goes out of her way to help me find what works best for my skin and body. Besides helping me feel better physically she has worked with me at an emotional level too. She has helped me work with my anxiety and stress and I am at a place now where I feel truly comfortable and happy with myself. I truly recommend her! She is so amazing at what she does!

Maria R.

I highly recommend Romy. I have PCOS and had tried getting pregnant for over 6 years, seeing fertility Doctors, tried fertility meds, etc. with no luck. Upon seeing Romy for a few months, I became pregnant and now I'm almost due to give birth to my baby. Not to mention she helped my sleep and stress levels as well. She is amazing. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. These treatments are amazing. You won't be disappointed, book your appointment today 🙂

Diana C.

Romy Simone is a wizard with Acupuncture needles. I had 100 needles in my face, all while becoming more and more relaxed. Afterwards, my face had a youthful glow. She was professional, yet warm. I will most definitely be hiring her in the future. Thank you Romy!

Darnell C.

Romy is the absolute best! I'm getting married soon and wanted to give my skin a boost without risking side effects of harsher methods that could ruin my skin instead. I've tried different acupuncturists in the past, so I know when someone is good and when someone is not. Romy is GREAT! I just finished my series with her and my smile lines are smoother, my face is more glowing, and I'm getting a lot of random compliments on my skin. On top of that, her sessions really helped me relieve the stress I've been dealing with lately. She treats the whole person, and I felt better after each session. She is lovely and you can tell she really cares about her clients.

Rachel O.

I've been getting facial acupuncture for the past couple of years, so when I moved to LA I wanted to find someone to continue working with. After doing some research, I contacted Romy based on her great reviews. So happy that I did. Romy is the best! I am nearing the end of a 10 treatment package and I am so pleased with the results. The lines around my mouth have nearly diminished and I notice huge improvement on my forehead and between my eyes. I feel overall that my skin just looks more plump and youthful too. I highly recommend her!

Melissa N.

I found Dr Romy Simone on line after seeing her segment on the Doctors and E! My husband and I make frequent trips to Santa Monica and stay at Shutters for personal and business trips. I found it very easy to book an appointment with her online and was very excited to experience a more natural approach to diminishing wrinkles and fine lines to Botox. I met Dr Romy and from the initial first minutes of our appointment her gentle South African Aura put me immediately at ease. She explained to me how the needles in my face would stimulate collagen and smooth out wrinkles. My husband immediately noticed my glowing skin and asked me what I had done! Not only did the treatment freshen my tired skin but it was amazingly relaxing - like a 5 hour massage!

Nicole R

Dear Romy,
It's a fortunate circumstance that we see you not only for Chinese medicine and acupuncture but simultaneously for psychological consultation that make growth and healing a natural outcome. Ten years as clients of yours has truly changed, enhanced, nourished and broadened our lives and our health.

Aricia H.

I am a freelance film editor and a few years ago I was experiencing chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right arm from my daily work on the computer. It got so bad I was worried that I would not be able to work anymore. Then I began treating it weekly with Romy., using a combination of acupuncture, de-stress exercises, and strength training. With Romy’s help I was able to completely cure all the pain and stiffness I was feeling on a day to day basis. Even though I am no longer in chronic pain I still receive acupuncture on a regular basis. It is the perfect reset button for me emotionally and physically. No matter what is going on in my life, good or bad I always feel rejuvenated and healthier after my treatments. I could not ask for a kinder, more nurturing person than Romy to make my day to day life better in both my mind and body.

Avaryl H.

For once, my skin is actually starting to feel like normal skin, and not the clogged, stressed, rough skin I have been living with. I've noticed a great improvement in my skin's texture, clarity, and health. I've always wrestled my whole life with very problematic skin, and have literally tried everything ! I'm using a lot less makeup and it's taking me less time to get ready in the morning 🙂 I feel really really good and am glad I'm doing it 🙂

Patient's name withheld for privacy

Hi Romy,
I just wanted to write you a quick note: Everything was fine afterwards; I didn't have any side effects at all-no redness, no nothing. So no one could tell I had done the treatment. But one interesting thing that has happened is that the strange bout of acne I had been suffering from since February just randomly cleared up and is now completely gone from my face and is starting to clear up the old red traces that had been there for the past few months. I had never in my life experienced acne until February and it was really acute for much of this past year. But ever since I saw you it's like the whole thing has been reversed. I'm sure you encounter this all the time, but I just thought I'd share my story since there are probably others who might find your treatments useful for that purpose, too. All the best & Happy New Year.

Rebecca B.

I'm a 38 year-old female who's really trying to embrace aging by keeping up with it! Since I'm not ready for cosmetic alterations (surgery or Botox treatments), at least not yet, I decided to try out cosmetic acupuncture instead. My first round of treatments with Romy was done about 3 years ago, and I was absolutely ecstatic and happy with the results. The tiny wrinkles around the corner of my eyes, you know, the ones "I" noticed began to smooth out, my skin overall felt more toned, and there was a natural freshness or glow many people commented on over and over again. I loved it, yet some times I felt clueless about what others saw. In fact, my supervisor, who was 3 years younger than myself, repeatedly would say to me, "I can't believe you're older than me, but look younger." After completing my treatment (20 sessions) of facial acupuncture, I walked away more than just satisfied and incredibly proud of my new secret. I also felt more confident about myself. Today, 3 years later, and more smiling wrinkles, deeper crow's feet, apparent blemishes, darker circles, deeper folding around the mouth & cheek areas, you know, the ones "You" see ... I decided to call Romy and ask for her help again. But this time there was a challenge or more vanity involved. I also wanted fuller lips: semi Angelina's lips. The results were almost immediate. After the 2nd. session, and a daytime date, my suitor commented over and over again during our lunch how much he loved my lips! As he put it, they were so meatier. I was like, "huh?" And after the 3rd. session, the skin around the eye area began to smooth out. I also noticed less darkness & puffiness around the same area while my lips continue to get fuller. Beyond the facial results we're working on, Romy has also been needling my stomach, and other areas of my body we hone in following our weekly assessment discussions. And the best result, which I consider a "medical" benefit has been kissing goodbye to my irregularity or constipation. For the past 2 1/2 weeks (all 18 days), I have been the happiest camper in my own bathroom! What's even more astonishing, I have not changed my diet, exercise routine, I'm not taking supplements, laxatives, vitamins, etc. Basically, I haven't altered myself in any way, shape or form to fight an irregularity I've experienced most of my adult life. I just completed my 5th acupuncture session of this series, and honestly, I cannot wait to see the end results.

Luciana B.

Prior to beginning the series I began to notice my smile lines become more prominent, even when I was not smiling. Within the last 6 months I saw a second smile line appearing on my right side. Romy addressed my concerns and answered my questions. I told her what areas I wanted worked on. The needles were placed on different areas of my face.(forehead, near the eyes, etc.) They were mostly concentrated on my smile lines, because that was my primary concern. After Romy places the needles in your face, she turns on the relaxing music and turns off the lights. She knocks on the door before re-entering the room after a certain amount of time to remove the needles. After the facial acupuncture appointment, I felt a tingling sensation in the areas of my face that the needles were placed. Romy said that would happen. After completing all 10 sessions, I noticed that the second smile line on my right side had diminished significantly. It is barely noticeable, if at all. Now, when I am not smiling I do not see any smile lines on my right side, and it is very faint on my left side. Even now, weeks after receiving treatments, I notice my forehead lines are much softer as well as the brow line, between my eyebrows. It helped me to appear as vibrant on the outside as I feel on the inside. Thank you, Romy.

Yvette C.

I have had the pleasure of two acupuncture treatments with Romy. I was a little worried about the first treatment because I have never had cosmetic acupuncture. Romy asked me about my facial concerns and put me at ease with her delicate technique. I did not feel any of the needles and had a healthy glow after one treatment. On my second appointment, Romy spent a great deal of time with me discovering what was going on with both my physical and emotional state. She helped me be mindful while treating my body through acupuncture. That treatment felt like therapy and I worked through a lot of blocks. I always look forward to my appointments with Romy!

Carmen C.

Romy Simone is a born acupuncturist. Her level of experience and extensive knowledge paired with a very calm, welcoming bed side manner and passion for health and healing are the ideal combination. Her treatments are extremely relaxing and I was able to see/feel the benefit of mine right after. I would highly recommend her as she truly cares to help her clients achieve their goals and ensure their needs are addressed. I can't wait for my next treatment!

Mechele N.

I am a big believer in acupuncture and Romy has been my only go to person for the last 7 years. My first visit with her was about shoulder tendinitis due to a sports injury. It was acupuncture or cortisone injections and I am so glad I chose acupuncture. Within a couple of months of regular treatments with Romy, both the pain and inflammation in my shoulder disappeared. Over the years, Romy's treatments have helped me with stress, knee pain and very recently chronic stomach pain. If I ever have any kind of health concern, I first consult Romy to see if she can help me with it before going to my doctor. I respect and highly value her opinion.

E. Aga

Hi Romy!
I wanted to share these pix with you taken this past Friday and Sunday nights-my face is photographing better!!! 🙂


Lorielle N.

Romy Simone is amazing!  She has the most beautiful and generous heart. We were so privileged to be able to partner with her this year for one of our fundraisers.  She leads her business with such excellence and beauty and we were just so grateful for the chance to get to know her briefly. Thank you ,Romy, for everything, and we just anticipate with you that you will see an amazing increase in your business this year in unprecedented ways as a reward for your beautiful giving heart

Unlikely Heroes


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Rebecca Brink

Hi Romy,
Everything was fine afterwards. I didn't have any side effects at all-no redness, no nothing. So no one could tell I had done the treatment. But one interesting thing that has happened is that the strange bout of acne I had been suffering from since February just randomly cleared up and is now completely gone from my face and is starting to clear up the old red traces that had been there for the past few months. I had never in my life experienced acne until February and it was really acute for much of this past year. But ever since I saw you it's like the whole thing has been reversed. I'm sure you encounter this all the time, but I just thought I'd share my story since there are probably others who might find your treatments useful for that purpose, too. All the best & Happy New Year.

Rebecca Brink

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