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Quicken Recovery Time With Facial Acupuncture


Many patients get Botox and /or fillers for areas of the face that are too deep with wrinkles for cosmetic acupuncture to address. Unfortunately though, many more times there is not only bruising and swelling, after these procedures, but there can also be balls of filler that become  coagulated around injection sites that are hard to break up.  We see many patients coming to us who have had fillers go wrong, aside from common side effects of bruising and swelling.  Namely, the filler travels and gets stuck in one area of the face, which will then look swollen, bulge up and the entire face then looks significantly uneven.  This effect will stay until the filler wears away.  Unfortunately for many patients it actually takes years for the skin to release it, as it commonly gets stuck.  We have also seen Botox causing uneven and drooping eyelids, eyebrows and/or forehead.  The patient many times goes back to the doctor to fix this problem that was caused by the filler/Botox, but usually there is nothing that they can or will do about it.

This is where cosmetic acupuncture comes to the rescue to drastically minimize the side effects quickly. Typically just a few treatments do the job and allow patients the freedom to go out in public much sooner without anyone knowing or asking what they have had done due to bruising and all of these other side effects that commonly occur.  After all, your face is one of your greatest assets and usually the first thing people look at when meeting you.  It is highly important to take good care of your skin and to remember how delicate it really is.

After getting facial surgery, there is quite a bit of bruising and swelling as well.  By getting cosmetic acupuncture right before and shortly after surgery, there is a drastic decrease in these side effects.  So healing time is sped up and there is less downtime.  Also, the acupuncture needles will detox the body of any leftover anesthesia.  Bowel movements, which are often constipated to entirely void, due to surgery, will regain normal function from the needles as well.  This will then allow for better sleep.

Some patients don’t have the luxury or want to be stuck staying at home for four or more days to wait out these bruises and swelling.  Other patients are in the middle of movie shoots and definitely can’t have bruising appear on camera.  Many patients are frequently flying on business or luxury trips and don’t want anyone to see any marks leftover on their faces from fillers.

Dr. Romy Simone will travel to your home and do these treatments for you as to allow for your privacy and comfort.


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Elizabeth Seaton

I cannot truly describe how completely amazing this method of acupuncture is. I wanted an alternative to Botox... something natural. I absolutely wanted to get rid of my fine lines but wasn't incredibly interested in injecting myself with poisons. I wasn't 100% sold that acupuncture could work in this form, but it really does!!! After one treatment I could already notice a difference! The experience with Romy is more than just getting rid of your wrinkles it's a transformation in a way. Something about her helps more than just your outward appearance, she has the ability to help you heal your intrinsic you. That is what makes her unique and stand out from all the rest. Beyond that, my fine lines have dramatically faded away. I am tremendously pleased with the results.

Elizabeth Seaton

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