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Jordana Grado

This has been an incredible treatment since Day 1. I've had a complete turn around with my skin-from my acne going away, pores shrinking, pigmentation getting better, wrinkles becoming less visible, with the overall glow on my skin is what I'm truly amazed with. I began to see the natural glow on my skin after the first treatment. Best part is that with my mom and husband noticed it as well immediately once they saw me that same afternoon. As the days have passed and I have continued with the treatments, I've had friends and family notice the change on my skin and have gone as far as to ask if I had laser skin resurfacing, or trying to figure out what new make-up I had bought-it really has been a complete turn around. The treatment wasn't painful, had time to relax, time to myself and that to me was beyond what I expected. Overall, I feel amazing, look amazing, and now feel confident enough to walk out of my house with no make-up and feel great-something I haven't done in over 15-16 years!

Jordana Grado

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