One Hour Session With Dr. Romy Simone
 Starting at $200 Per Session

House calls available upon request.  Please call for pricing.

Mini Facelift Los Angeles

Jowls, Naso-labial folds & Marionette Lines

Under Eye Circles and Bags

“Romy’s results are truly significant. Within a week of her facial acupuncture sessions, people spontaneously started telling me how great my skin looked, how well I looked…and I felt more vitality and less stressed out, too. She was also amazing after I had serious injuries from a fall: her treatments enabled me to handle pain without taking strong prescription medications that would have prevented my driving or working.”   -Erin M., Los Angeles

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Elizabeth Seaton

I cannot truly describe how completely amazing this method of acupuncture is. I wanted an alternative to Botox... something natural. I absolutely wanted to get rid of my fine lines but wasn't incredibly interested in injecting myself with poisons. I wasn't 100% sold that acupuncture could work in this form, but it really does!!! After one treatment I could already notice a difference! The experience with Romy is more than just getting rid of your wrinkles it's a transformation in a way. Something about her helps more than just your outward appearance, she has the ability to help you heal your intrinsic you. That is what makes her unique and stand out from all the rest. Beyond that, my fine lines have dramatically faded away. I am tremendously pleased with the results.

Elizabeth Seaton

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