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A SPECIAL MESSAGE on Experience-Based Acupuncture ( In an UN-Experienced market)

Cosmetic Acupuncture Seminars

Dr. Romy Simone Teaching Cosmetic Acupuncture Techniques

If you have a strong desire and feel the need to shift way up, to a much more SOPHISTICATED level, in success of your business, this information and special invitation may be for you.  You probably already know intellectually that the further up the Income Pyramid you climb, the more acupuncturists there are paid for Who They Are rather than What They Do-and as a result, the more someone is paid for Who They Are rather than What They Do. the higher their income goes, and the easier it is for them to earn it.  You are already, without a doubt, familiar with some of the acupuncture techniques currently out there that focus on the face.  But you may still be somewhat at a loss when it boils down to collecting all the information into a coherent and complete package for yourself and using this in practical ways.  If so, and if you are ready to prepare yourself with a whole new, more sophisticated level of knowledge then you will want to be one of the few students accepted for a special, intense workshop with me.

Here’s what’s going to happen in this 2-day intensive:



You will be taught correct step by step approaches to the different ways that each unique patient must be treated with regards to needle type, depth and frequency to minimize their specific wrinkles.  You will see actual applications demonstrated on a variety of patients and then I will walk you through these steps so that you have the chance to mirror me and practice.  Remembering the concept of chinese medicine in that each patient is unique and thus their treatment protocol is different holds true in needling the face and you will learn these key differences in order to attain success in minimizing wrinkles.  The day is consists entirely of teaching and practice of needle technique only.  Since this is a private one on one coaching, you have my my full attention  for the entire day, so no sharing patients to work on, full time given to you of instruction.  Since it is just me and you I can make sure that you are learning the correct technique, needling the correct depth and using the correct number of needles per area of the face or wrinkle being treated.  There is no time wasted on creams to use on the face or foods that the patient should eat.  You can read a book for that knowledge and I focus on not wasting any of our valuable time to focus on what the patient is coming in for in the first place, which is just minimizing wrinkles.  Since my students are already licensed acupuncturists, I also feel no need to spend time explaining what body points must be used with this treatment, since again just save your time and money and read a book that gives you specific point prescriptions.  The point of this Training is to teach you for hours upon hours pure and correct technique, so that you walk out of there feeling confident and really know what you are doing.  I will hone into your own personality and guide you in the development of the best suited practice for you individually.   You will understand the imbedded psychology of patient interaction so that you can replicate it for yourself in your own clinic.


The key to success is to have a specific market that you are targeting in your business.  With this niche of cosmetic acupuncture, you automatically have a built in clientele.  The market is women and men that fall into three categories,20’s and 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and 60’s and 70’s who are into natural health and beauty, looking to maintain a natural yet healthy approach to youthful skin and of course who live in the area.  I will explain how to target each market based on age and gender.  As a general acupuncturist, the list goes on and on as to what can be treated and is open to both sexes and of all ages.  Even though you would think that this increases your ability to gather new patients, you forget that the market is saturated with acupuncturists who are targeting the same general market.  The ability to transcend competition is of timely importance because, during the current financial economy, even high end acupuncturists default to compromise their fees, so that you will many times find yourself up against those in your field who are willing to negotiate and cut their fees.  This is a dangerous force.  At this Training, I focus on an entirely different, trust based approach that effectively puts price in combat with trust, where it will lose most of the time.  Beyond these issues it is important to meet the competition of these desperate competitors in our field of acupuncture.


Here are three things you MUST understand about the current economy and the foreseeable future: (1) there are actually less available patients who can and will buy now, (2) they are costlier and harder to get, and so (3) the need of getting patients has changed from a luxury to a necessity.  Yet, most acupuncturists score very poorly at this for a number of reasons.  One being that the level of trust required to attain them comes with confidence and correct personal interaction.  You will learn how to gauge the comfort level of your patients in their ease of understanding what results they can look for. Also, you will learn how to explain the reasons why cosmetic acupuncture is the best option for them rather than the other competitors out there in the anti-aging skin beauty market.  You will learn how to use your specific personality type to attract patients to you based on your specific gift in this industry.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Seminars

Students practicing facial acupuncture


There are three main components to attaining extreme trust.  Whether or not you possess and productively use these components is revealed by (1) how hard is it for you to attract the patients you want, (2) how much or often you must battle to overcome fee resistance, or other competition in the market; and (3) at what rate and frequency patients bring you people from their circle of friends.  You can look at the value, opportunity and importance for you to be one of the 12 per year (maximum) at this Training by stopping to think honesty and seriously about these three things.  At the Training, I will hand you these three components in order for you to gain EXTREME trust from your patients.


As my thank you gift to you…after the Training you will receive:

1:  One half hour skype call with my personal social media marketer who will take a look at your business and start to steer you in the right direction that is specific to just your needs to create greater success in your business

2: Two one hour skype calls with me in the next two months following our training in which we discuss challenges that will have come up and ways to troubleshoot questions with new patients, etc.

Four Questions To Ask, To Determine If This Is For You



Trust No One” is the current mantra.  Americans have seen the fastest and most dramatic breakdown of wealth in more than 6 decades, with the average household earnings diminished by 25% in the last year.  Dr. Frank Luntz, top pollster seen on FOX and author of What Americans Really Want states: “Our national confidence is in pieces, our personal expectations shattered. TRUST HAS COLLAPSED.” So, what if everything that worked well for you in your acupuncture business-the strategies you could trust-are now wrong for these times?


As you have already determined, this limited invitation Training is not going to be “gently priced.” In order to make sure that you, the student, leaves “equipped” and has your specific business needs addressed, I am only working with one student per seminar.  That creates a substantial fee.  For you to make a serious investment of time, money and preparation, this must be of VITAL importance to YOU.  Since a large part of your business comes down to face to face patient interaction…or if you are struggling with being unique in a competitive and overly crowded profession…if being trusted by prospective patients influences price/fee resistance and your need to compromise, then I’m confident that this Training is of vital significance to YOU.  OR, if you are getting ready to enter into a new niche of cosmetic acupuncture, or reinventing yourself in such a market, OR up against new competitors entering your space, then I’m confident this Training is of vital significance to YOU.  This is NOT for everybody.  Aside from being of vital significance to you-you must be personally open and drawn to a more sophisticated approach to patient interaction based on development of trust.  If you are resistant to “elevating your game”- and see this as an obstacle rather than an opportunity-you won’t benefit from this investment and should not make it.  I can assure you that there will be an elite group of “go getter” students in this Training, and that there won’t be time spent to “drag people along” who are not ready, close-minded or emotionally pained by the exercise of successful interaction with patients.


No other individual is better qualified to take on the challenge of utmost DISTRUST, and have proven myself expert in doing so by my own personal, current success as well as by the success of acupuncturists in this niche that I coach.  Many students that know me already do not need to be sold on my ability to impact their income, so I will only point out that I live and die financially by my creation and nurturing  of high trust with my students and patients.  I am a practitioner of my teaching process in my own practice daily.


This is a question about you, not me.  yet, the investment in this is too great just to be informed.  I really don’t want somebody in this Training just because they will pay and have the time to show up.  If you are confident of your own action and then can follow through afterwards, so that your knowledge learned going home will be used to create results for your practice, this may very well be the most valuable Training.


Email us at IMMEDIATELY, with your full name and phone number.  Please do not call the office.

You will receive an email back by the next business day.  The first qualified 12 students for the entire year(one student a month only per seminar) will be accepted, and registration will then be immediately closed, no exceptions.

I look  forward to having the privilege of sharing all of my knowledge with you so that you can create the success that you envision.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Seminars

Dr. Romy Simone describing the effects of the technique.



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Lorielle New

I've always struggled with my skin and have tried almost everything that's available to improve it! I've never had acupuncture and wasn't sure if a few little needles would make any improvement. But, Dr. Romy Simone came with some good recommendations. So, I checked out her website, liked what I saw, and figured I'd give it a shot. First off, let me say that Dr. Romy Simone looks so cute and fresh and has such great energy(she barely looks like she's old enough to be a doctor). But, you immediately want to try whatever she's been doing because it's obviously working!! She is a walking billboard of her results! Dr. Romy is so cool and easy going that you don't feel like you're even at a doctor's visit and barely notice all the needles that she's painlessly placing all over your face. I ended up doing a series of 10 treatments over 3 weeks and was really surprised by the improvement in texture and health of my skin. It was finally clearing up and feeling like normal skin and my pores no longer seemed like the angry monsters that they've been forever!! Also, my face seemed lifted and tighter and firmer! My skin seems to really be responding to the increased stimulation and is coming back to life after years of stagnation! I'm really happy with the results I've gotten so far and plan to continue seeing Dr. Romy! I just did a photo shoot over the weekend for the 1st time in years. I was brave enough to take new headshots and my pictures came out great!! I definitely recommend Dr. Romy Simone. You will be surprised and pleased by the before and after...

Lorielle New

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