Dr. Romy Simone Schwartz, was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with Honors in Psychology and a Minor in Business, as well as finishing her Pre-Medicine studies at The University of Florida.  Dr. Romy then attended graduate school at Emperor’s College and  received the four year Master of Science (M.S.) with Magna Cum Laude Honors in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  After graduating, she passed the California State Board exam to become a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) and then passed the National Board exams (NCCAOM), receiving a Diplomate of Acupuncture (Dipl.AC.).  She then received her Doctorate in Integrative Medicine with a specialty in Fertility Medicine (DAOM).

While  completing her internship at UCLA, she was introduced to the concept of facial rejuvenation in a natural way.  Taking  her western background in science and incorporating the Chinese Medicine, Dr. Romy created her own technique for needling the face to benefit her patients.  Always having a keen eye for style and esthetics, she blends an eastern technique with a western flare.  Dr. Romy enjoys working specifically on the face because it demands the doctor to be artistic with a good eye, which creates extreme accuracy for precise results. She has been in this specialty practice for 14 years.

Dr. Romy has been featured countlessly in the media for her success with cosmetic facial acupuncture.  Her most recent feauture was on E! TV’s “Good Work” treating actors Ru Paul  and Jenni Pulos.  Access Hollywood did a feature on her and she also appeared on the TV show  “Secrets of the Hollywood Body”.  This led to a slew of other television and media coverage, still ongoing.  One of her passions being teaching, she has taught classes at both UCLA as well as acupuncture schools.  She was technical clinic supervisor in a well known clinic.

Dr. Romy pursued her doctorate degree to help women in getting pregnant. She now offers fertility acupuncture in her practice to help pursue the dreams of those always having wanted a child of their own. 
Currently, Dr. Romy is working on her first book as well as creating her own makeup line, hair care line and skin care line. There is such a high demand for toxin-free beauty products and Dr. Romy is passionately in the works of bringing this to you .  She is frequently asked to speak at seminars, wellness centers and retreats.  She holds her own seminars throughout the year, one addressing health and the other in teaching other practitioners her cosmetic acupuncture technique.  Dr. Romy has her celebrity clientele from Beverly Hills, Malibu and Santa Monica visit her clinic in Santa Monica.

“Enhancing Beauty From the Inside Out”


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Lorielle New

I've always struggled with my skin and have tried almost everything that's available to improve it! I've never had acupuncture and wasn't sure if a few little needles would make any improvement. But, Dr. Romy Simone came with some good recommendations. So, I checked out her website, liked what I saw, and figured I'd give it a shot. First off, let me say that Dr. Romy Simone looks so cute and fresh and has such great energy(she barely looks like she's old enough to be a doctor). But, you immediately want to try whatever she's been doing because it's obviously working!! She is a walking billboard of her results! Dr. Romy is so cool and easy going that you don't feel like you're even at a doctor's visit and barely notice all the needles that she's painlessly placing all over your face. I ended up doing a series of 10 treatments over 3 weeks and was really surprised by the improvement in texture and health of my skin. It was finally clearing up and feeling like normal skin and my pores no longer seemed like the angry monsters that they've been forever!! Also, my face seemed lifted and tighter and firmer! My skin seems to really be responding to the increased stimulation and is coming back to life after years of stagnation! I'm really happy with the results I've gotten so far and plan to continue seeing Dr. Romy! I just did a photo shoot over the weekend for the 1st time in years. I was brave enough to take new headshots and my pictures came out great!! I definitely recommend Dr. Romy Simone. You will be surprised and pleased by the before and after...

Lorielle New

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